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Drain Services

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Plato Plumbing Offers the Best Drain Service in Toronto

Have a basement flood? Backed up pipes? Plato Plumbing offers the best drain service in Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Scarborough, Etobicoke and the GTA. Other plumbing comapnies in Toronto cannot offer the same guarantee of customer satisfaction like Plat Plumbing can. Take a look at all the drain services we provide below.

Back Water valve installation

drain services in Toronto

This valve has revolutionized sewer protection across North America with its patented ‘normally open’ gate design. This valve is typically installed in homes or buildings that have basements, cellars, crawl spaces or area that are accessible for servicing. The normally open gate allows the sewer system to ‘vent’ any gases that may be causes by positive or negative pressures in the sewer line. it has a ‘Clear View’ top that makes inspection of the valve quick and simple for the building owner or plumber! As well, it comes with an integral clean-out for rodding the sewer lateral. Should rodding from the stack be necessary, the snake can easily pass over the open gate and be retracted without doing any harm to the components.

Above mentioned valves are designed to be installed on the inside of a home or building in the basement floor. In some installations, predominantly when the home is build on a concrete slab or above a crawlspace, it is not possible to install a backflow prevention valve on the inside of the building. The Mainline “Adapt-A-Valve” is designed as an economical valve to be installed outdoors in the ground.

Sump pump Installation

sump pump installation

Sump pump is the most effective way to keep your basement dry, it collects all the ground water in the sump or pit and the pump will pump it to outside. The water is coming to the sump pump from the areas which the soil or slope of the ground is causing it to leech in the homes and also the stormy weather for a long period can cause the water bed rises and as we are experiencing the climate change its better to take action as soon as possible before it gets too late

sump pump

a. The sump or Pit
First we need to assess the basement for finding the most proper spot for installation of the sump pump and we need to dig that area and install the barrel so it can be the collection point for the water.

sump pump

b. How the sump pump works
The pump is a submersible or not submersible pumps which take the water and pump it through the drainage pipe to outside , the water is getting to the pump through the weeping tile system which are the collecting pipes that runs around the house at the level of the foundation and collects the ground water

sump pump tools

C. What to do during black out period? Will sump pump work

Yes, with the new technology the battery operated sump pump which will work as a back up pump can be added to the existing sump pump system and with the peace of mind you can be positive that the storm water will be drained from your basement even in black outs

Sewage ejector pump

sewage ejector

The reason for installing this device is to drain the sewage from your property which is lower than the city drain system it can happen in the cases of finishing the basement and finding that the new plumbing in the basement is lower than the existing city drain so it needs to be drained in to a pit which we install with the sewage pump, it can also happen in the case of the properties that built on the hills and the basement in some cases is lower than the city drain.

Sewer camera inspection

Camera inspection is the modern method of drain pipes investigation; with CCTV camera inspection we can identify the problem without digging or tearing the walls apart.
The technology let us locate the problem with exact placing the problem and in which depth the pipe is located. Whether you want to lower the basement, you want to build a new home, you want to build a new commercial building the first thing you need to know is the depth of the sewer line so you can have the proper drainage in the future building

sewer camera

The technology let us record the video in Hi-Definition, locate the problem and find the exact nature of the problem with saving your money and time

Problems that may occur in the drain piping

A. Tree roots penetration
Caused by the cracked in the pipe, the moisture gets to the soil attracts the roots and they start to grow in the pipe, the tree roots can cause the build up of solid waste in the drain and clogging the drain.

sewer camera

B. Cracked drains
The movement of the soil and changing in the weather and its detectable by camera inspection you want to take action before it’s too late and the pipe is going to collapse.

C. Collapsed Drain Pipe
The old plumbing system has been made out of clay and buried in soil by aging and soil pressure on top of these pipes plus the soil movements , sinking the collapse occurs

D. Bellied Drain pipes
Yes this is the term “Belly “ it happens when sinking of the soil happens that holding the drain pipes , it’s very common in the camera inspection what we find is the water and solid waste is standing in the pipe and the slope rises again by pushing the camera further

Do you need a camera inspection? Yes If:

  • If You are a new home owner: you want to know if there are any issues regarding the drainage pipes, if there is any problem that in near future is going to make problem for you.
  • If you want to finish the basement the first thing you need to investigate is the drain lines cause if you figure that out after finishing the basement then it’s going to be a waste of money
  • If the drain pipes are clogged and there is a backup in the basement, toilet is bobbling, the shower and rest of the plumbing is not draining well,
  • If you want to install a new washroom in the basement you need to locate the main drain in the house and make the correct spot to make the new connection to the main drain
  • If you want to build an extension to your home or your shop you need to have a camera inspection to locate the main drain and the run of the pipes.
  • If you are remodelling, renovating and building a new property the first thing you need is the drain pipe locating

Drain Snaking

drain snaking

We are the professional plumbing company in GTA to remove any blockage in your Drain
Our trained plumbers are ready to help you with any kind of the blockage you have whether its in the small drain of your bathroom sink, or in the bath tub or even the main drain of the house.

drain snaking process

Clogged toilet
If your toilet is clogged and you have already tried all the methods ( which probably you already did that’s why you are here ) our professional Toronto plumbers can help you to solve the problem

Clogged Main Drain
If you see whatever you drain in the house its coming out of the basement floor drain or the basement toilet is bobbling that’s when you stop using water and give us a call cause the next portion of the water and waste that drains in your home is going to flood your basement
A drum auger is a motorized auger with modular blades designed for various gauges of pipe. A drum auger is powerful enough to cut through any materials that causing the clog.
Plato Plumbers are the one that can help you in this matter for unclogging the drain and making your life easier. We are experienced in this filed and ready to work for you.

Drain and Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is rehabilitating the sewer systems. drain lining system requires two access points, making this system 100% trenchless. Cured in place pipes ( CIPP)

Q.Does whole pipe have to be lined?

No specially the clay pipes only the portion which is cracked

• Quick and quiet turnaround installation in hours.
• Less cost and clean up.
• More durability and strength to the piping system.
• Non-hazardous epoxy lining safe for the environment.
• Zero risk of tree root intrusion.

Builing trap removal

In 1950s houses the building trap was installed to prevent the sewer gases to go to the house this technology is now making trouble, it’s always holding the water and because of the clay nature it keeps moisture and attracts tree roots and roots penetration and blockage.
The building trap also causes build up in the drain and causes often blockage,
According the new building code there is no need for building trap, so we can help you to remove it from your drain line.

Exceptional Drain Service Repair in Toronto, Etobicoke & Mississauga

drain services

Plato Plumbing can handle any drain repair emergency. We service areas such as Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough & the GTA. From drain snaking to pup installation, we’ve got your Drain services needs covered. Back water valve with city rebatePlease give us a call or email us to learn more about our city rebnate for back water valves.


Drain CCTV Camera Inspection with Locating

drain service in Toronto

Clogged Drains
If you have a clogged sink or shower or any drain in your home or office, our licensed plumbing
experts can help you quickly eliminate the clog and get your water flowing again.

Toilet Drain Snaking

clogged drain

Clogged Toilets
There are a number of reasons that a toilet becomes stopped up. If one of the toilets in your
home or office is clogged, our plumbing services can help quickly restore your toilet to proper
working order.


Main Drain Snaking | Tree roots cutting

Our trained plumbers are ready to help you with any kind of the blockage you have weather it’s in the small drain of your bathroom sink, or in the bathtub, toilet or even main drain of the property


Sump Pump Installation in Toronto, Ontario

If you’ve ever experienced a flood in your basement, you already know how much damage it can cause. Even a small amount of water can result in extensive damage, including hazardous mold and mildew growth.


Water Service Upgrade

water service upgrade

A. Health concern

City of Toronto water line originally ( 1950s) is lead, its poison and harmful for your body the city of Toronto has the program for you home owners that if you change the water service line in your property they will change the city portion of your water service ( supply ) line.

Replacing the just one portion of the water pipe (referred to as a “partial replacement”) cannot fully address concerns about lead in your drinking water.

water service Toronto

City of Toronto has the Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program which the link below is to their application form so you the home owner need to fill out and send it to them so they can process the city portion of your home water service

Click Here to Download PDF

low water pressure

B. Low water Pressure

If you have low water pressure in your home for example flushing the toilet causes the shower water pressure drops that’s has to be connected to the diameter of the water line in your home, the water service upgrade is going to make a significant change in the water pressure.
If you are planning to add a washroom in the basement you need to consider the water pressure first

Leaky faucet and sink repair

Our trained and qualified plumbers are able to repair any kind and brand in the market, we have access to all the suppliers with confidence we are here to serve you.

Old shower faucet replacement without replacing the tiles
We can install the new faucet with least damage we come in and leave the same day and you will get a new shower faucet

Toilet repair and installation

If you have a leaky toilet and the water is running continually you want to check the water bill, the sooner you fix the toilet the lower your water bill is going to be. Our reliable and trained plumbers can fix the problem.

If the toilet is old and you decided you want to replace it we can help you regarding choosing the toilet and delivering it to you and removing the old toilet and installing the new toilet.

Washing machine and dishwasher, installation and repair

As our plumber has been installing these appliances for home owners, businesses, builders with confident we can say we are able to install any brand.
We can install the water supply line and the drain for them and install them in the designated area.

Burst pipe

First thing first please shut the main water vale when you feel a water pipe is burst.
Then give us a call, Plato plumbers can help you.

It can happen because of various reasons. The frozen pipes specially copper pipes will burst, the ICE expands and causes the bursting of the pipe, one thawing occurs the flood starts. It usually happens when the house temperature falls and it can because of the power failure, the heater is not working in winter and a very cold and long winter. The houses that have the extension built and a washroom or kitchen is there are more prone to burst pipes. Make sure if you are having a cottage you need to winterize the property before winter, let us know if we can help you.

Residential and commercial plumbing

commercial drain

With lots of experience and hand on business we can assure you that we are able to handle any plumbing and drain work, if it’s an installation of the whole plumbing system or the drain for new home or commercial building our experienced plumbers can handle it, from designing the piping to installation and finishing we will be there to deliver the best service.

commercial drain repair
Commercial water heater and drain
commercial plumbing

Out Performing Other Plumbing Companies in Toronto & the GTA

Other plumbing companies simply cannot compete with our customer service and performance. Plato Plumbing guarantees your complete satisfaction with our drain services!